Mango Saves the World

A fast, hard, unique platformer.

Latest update: May 1, 2010: Extended Edition - Now 22 levels!

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Mango Saves the World May 1 10
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How to Play

Yo dudes!

So I heard you like the Nintendo Entertainment system.

This hot new product is on the forefront of graphics technology.

Totally radical!


An evil monster who lives inside the sun is threatening to take over the world! To combat this, Mango, he's the hero, sets out on a journey to find and destroy the monster. He's like Rambo... but he's a mango! Awesome!


Use the arrow keys and enter for menu selection.


Use the left and right arrow keys to move left and right. Use the up arrow key to jump. If you hold up longer, you'll jump higher.

Jump into a vertical line and you'll bounce off of it. Bouncing off of lines also gives Mango extra height. That's some extreme jump power! You fellows know full well what this bad ass mother can do!


As time passes, your score will go down. If you get hit by an enemy, you'll lose 100 points. If you fall off a level, your score is reset to what it was at the beginning of the level, minus 1000 points. If your score reaches 0, you lose the game.

Luckily, Mango can increase his score by collecting sun tokens. In addition, you get 10000 points just for beating a level.


Hey, I'm not supposed to tell you this, but... here's a hint for you real power players out there. Mango can use telekenesis to float up (using A or Enter) or down really fast (using Z or right Shift) when you're in a jam! Hey, I didn't even know the NES had a shift key! Tubular! The problem is, it costs major points. So only use it if you're really in a pickle!


Did you know that Mango Saves the World uses graphics and sound techniques that are impossible for the NES to pull off? Which, as everyone knows, is righteous!


Totally radical!

A sun token
A sun token
End of a level
End of a level
Example enemy
Example enemy