The Ultimate Platforming Hero

A really fancy platformer with a story and HD graphics and a really awesome soundtrack and great SFX and zoom in/out and cool little animations and your character's face changes depending on what you're doing and everything!

Latest update - July 23, 2009

How To Play

Get Started

A typical controller
A typical controller

As always, run

If you have a joystick:

Make sure it has at least 8 buttons or you will be forced to use the keyboard.

You must now make your button key. It maps whatever buttons are on your joystick to those of a standard controller.

On the command prompt you will be asked to press buttons corresponding to the letters on a standard controller. For example, 'A' would typically be the one that's easiest to press with your right thumb, or the red one in the above image.

If you don't have a joystick:

Read the button key on the command prompt. It is not changeable.


Configure controls using the command prompt. Press up and down to scroll through the menu, A to select, and B to go back.


Go to the options menu. You can set one of 4 resolutions for a windowed display, or choose fullscreen mode where the game chooses the resolution for you.

Also, if you have high enough disc space you can increase the number of screenshots. The game will randomly take screenshots as you progress through the game and use them at different points.


Go back and select 'Story Mode.'


NOTE: See above for information about buttons.

Move joystick or press arrow keys left and right to move. Up and down are for looking.

Press L and R to scroll in and out.

Press A to jump. The longer you hold it, the higher you jump.

Press X to do a pound.