Monis 3 - Minigames

Quick Quiz

8 different questions will test your knowledge of popular media. Answer fast!

Answers are highlighted below:

The stocks would probably look like that, if we actually made any money.

On the left is a planet; on the right is a man the size of a quarter.

May from the Advanced Generation has been replaced by a younger, more peppy version. So take a hike, Grandma!

The Happy Mask Saleman is just eccentric is all.

The eiffel tower is not a member of the Kong family.

Pygame. It's bigger than Jesus.

Fooled you, didn't I?

Avatars are for the XBox 360, which outputs to HD. Miis are for the Wii, which does not.

Groucho Marx was given the role of Dr. Hackenbush in the film A Day at the Races. Chico would have just ended up mispronouncing it as "Hack-in-a-bush" anyway.

Circle of Spikes

Just keep your mouse inside of the circle. Beware of sudden turns!

Shake Shake

When this and several other screens show up, just shake the mouse as hard as you can.

Mouse Trace

Move your mouse along the purple path. You can't miss a single spot!

Memory Dots

A configuration of lit dots will appear for a short time. Then, you have to fill in that same configuration from memory.

Circle Bounce

Move the mouse left and right to move the paddle in a circle and keep that ball from leaving the screen.

Space Shooter

Hit either of your mouse buttons to shoot. Time your shots right so that they hit the targets.

Mango Bounce

Move the spinning bouncer around with your mouse to make sure Mango destroys all of the black flowers.

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    Just keep your mouse inside of the circle.

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    which outputs to HD. Miis are for the Wii, which does not.

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