The very first Rhodium game created. It's a VERY difficult puzzler with some action segments.


Certain enemies in Spiders become bloody when attacked.

EXE: Sorry, none yet.


How to Play

Keep in mind that the touching an arrow will change the direction of gravity.

Use the arrow keys to move all spiders in a certain direction. If they hit a line, they will attach to it and turn.

Use the mouse to activate puzzle elements and shoot certain bad guys.

Use the space bar to make all spiders drop off of any line they're attached to, unless they're on top of it (meaning that gravity is pulling them into the line, not parralel to or away from).

Press 'p' to "pause." Upon resuming, you will restart at your current level and lose 1000 points, similar to when you die.


Don't get discouraged! It's not impossible!