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The current project.

As of now only the training level and level 1 (out of 5) are available.

Star Rhodium Aug 18 2010
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If you have a joystick:

Make sure it has at least 8 buttons or you will be forced to use the mouse.

You must now make your button key. It maps whatever buttons are on your joystick to those of a standard controller.

On the command prompt you will be asked to press buttons corresponding to the letters on a standard controller. For example, 'A' would typically be the one that's easiest to press with your right thumb, or the red one in the above image.

If you don't have a joystick:

Then use a mouse.



A: Fire Lasers

B: Barrel Roll

X: Bomb (hold until you want to detonate)

L/R: Boost/brake

Start: Pause



Left-click: Fire Lasers

Right-click: Barrel Roll

Middle-click: Bomb (hold until you want to detonate)

Middle-scroll: Boost/Brake

Keyboard buttons: Pause

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